Ember.js with Brunch

I’ve recently discovered the brilliant Ember.js library and the first major issue I ran into was how to organize/modularize this thing!? At first I just opted into RequireJs because that’s what I know but I started hitting walls fast. I decided to try out the Brunch build system since I had heard good things about it before and this was a great opportunity to learn how to use it. Brunch uses skeletons which are essentially project templates to get rid of the boilerplate. Google search “ember brunch” and I found charlesjolley/ember-brunch perfect!

Unfortunately it hasn’t been kept up to date… Relevant Issue

If Charles wasn’t going to update it even after Paul (Brunch’s author) asked him to then it definitely wasn’t going to happen. So I was left with only one option, write my own icholy/ember-brunch
Paul was kind enough to include it on the brunch.io homepage. Once ember 1.0 is finally released I’ll restructure the skeleton to use the new Ember.Router and Ember.States.

It Includes: