Reloader - multi browser live web preview

I recently started developing on linux and unfortunately stylizer 5 does not support linux. So I’m back to using kate. However, one thing that I really missed right away was the instant preview feature. Having to go and refresh multiple browsers every time you change a line of code blows. I searched around for a bit and found a few tools but none of them were any good. I needed something that would work in multiple browsers at the same time and I couldn’t find anything to my liking so I wrote my own.

Reloader: ( check wiki for basic tutorial )

Not the most inspired name, but it was free on google code so why not?

How It Works

Basically it’s a small http server written in python. The javascript in the browser polls the server via jsonp and when a file is modified in the target directory, either a “refresh-css” or “refresh-page” command is sent.

Multi Browser

The server uses cookies to distinguish between multiple browsers. This way it doesn’t send the same update command to the same browser twice.

Windows Support

I’m using the pyinotify python library to monitor the directory but it’s not cross platform. I used twisted-web to create the server so that’s completely portable. So i’m currently on the lookout for a pyinotify replacement.