Skybound Stylizer 5 - CSS Editor

Lets start with a little preface. Prior to finding Stylizer, I was completely happy using a regular text editor (gedit, notepad++) with firebug to do my css coding. I don’t really know how I found stylizer, or what motivated me to download it, but I am glad I did. Stylizer is, by far, the best css editor. I went on to try 10+ different editors in hopes of finding a free alternative and nothing even comes close. This is the first piece of software I bought a legitimate licence for and $80 is a lot for a broke ass student.

The feature that really stands out is the live preview in 8 browsers. The cool thing is that it has a built in file watch system. So if you modify a loaded file in an external editor, it will instantly get reloaded in stylizer. This keeps me from having to hit refresh after every edit and that’s awesome. There’s no point in me rambling on about this thing, just go and download the trial and watch the demo vidoes.

There are three things that I have against stylizer.

  1. The licence uses hwid to lock a key to a computer
  2. There is no linux version or wine support
  3. Bad things start happening when javascript gets involved.

nevertheless, it’s still sweet and you need to go try it right now.